About Us

We provide an all-inclusive and diverse education and integration of holistic services to meet the needs of American Indian/Alaska Native, their families, and communities. Through the five Branches of sik̓ʷiləxʷ (see qui louw), we meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our greater Indigenous communities, including our 2Spirit/LGBT Veterans of Color, Native Veterans, Tribal Elders, family members, etc.

Veterans have their own communication style, as well as each branch of service has their own terminology, which is not always understood by others. sik̓ʷiləxʷ will meet Native Veterans, families, and communities where they are (mentally and physically) providing pathways for healing through cultural and linguistic methodologies.

sik̓ʷiləxʷ provides cultural awareness, learning, healing, and equity to the Native/First Nation communities throughout the greater Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

Creating a community where ALL are welcome to join, share, learn, and create, no matter their Nation or Tribal affiliation, enrollment status, veteran status, or identity(s).

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Email: contact@seequilouw.org
Phone: (206) 687-7842

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It is important to understand that land acknowledgement is not a practice developed by colonial institutions, rather, land acknowledgement is a traditional Indigenous custom dating back generations

For non-Indigenous communities to provide land acknowledgement, shows their respect and honoring the Indigenous Peoples of the land on which we all live and work

Land acknowledgement is a simple way of resisting the erasure of Indigenous histories and work towards honoring and inviting the truth

We acknowledge that we are gathering on the ancestral land of the First Peoples, the Coast Salish Peoples, of this area, the Pacific Northwest Coast, past, present, and future

We honor with gratitude, on which we will build and reside, and we honor the First Peoples, who have stewarded these lands and waters since time immemorial

We acknowledge their continued presence, contributions, and heritage, and we acknowledge that we as a community are caretakers of this land, for all beings and all generations to come