Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) Assessment

This program will fund a series of two-year community assessment surveys to complement VSHSL continuous community partnership efforts. These surveys will commission persons, tribes, and community-based organizations to research and then provide back to King County an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and needs of geographic, cultural, or experiential communities in King County. (more)

COVID-19 Relief Fund Program

The All In WA COVID Relief Fund grants focus on Emergency Flexible Financial Assistance. Grants were awarded to community-based organizations that are providing immediate financial support for disproportionately impacted individuals and families. (more)

Healing and Talking Circles

Each month we host a variety of Healing/Talking Circles were folks are invited to join and share their experiences as well as hear other’s share, on a variety of topics

The Circles are open, however, to ensure each Circle maintains the Culturally sensitive safety, as well as ensuring safe space for participants we ask you to register before being granted access to the Circle(s) (more)


We provide an all-inclusive and diverse education and integration of holistic services to meet the needs of Native Veterans, families, and communities. Through the five Branches, we will meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our Native Veterans, their families, and the greater Indigenous communities.

Veterans have their own communication style, as well as each branch of service has their own terminology, which is not always understood by others. SeeQuilLouw™ will meet Native Veterans, families, and communities where they’re located, providing both cultural and linguistic methodologies. (more)

Providing Care and Services for the Unsheltered Communities throughout the greater Seattle area. We are working to meet the basic needs and services for Unsheltered communities throughout the greater Seattle areas. One example, we are in direct talks with members of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to provide trash removal and supplies to these communities. You can help by donating so that our Teams can continue to reach out to these communities and provide the items needed, such as batteries to provide power to phones, fuel for generators which provide power to their dwellings, fresh drinking water, etc. We do this because this is our way, provide and protect those who cannot provide and protect themselves.

Child Care Subsidy program for Veteran Students

Child Care Resources has launched the application for the Veteran Student Child Care Subsidy to help families pay for child care costs. 

The King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy has designated funding to support veteran students with the costs of their child care while they pursue their post-secondary education or training program. Child Care Resources is administering the program in partnership with the County. We are committed to making a difference for the children and families in our community. Our goal is to assist veteran families in securing stable, high-quality child care for their children by providing partial child care payments. Visit here for more information about the program, eligibility requirements and application process

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